Maison Individuelle


This Maison Individuelle started life as a concrete block garage at the top of a terraced garden on the banks of the river Vienne. The owners had already consulted a local Architect who had quoted his fee and told them that any planning application was unlikely to pass! A mutual friend then suggested that they contact me about the project.
My first step was to consult the Maire’s secretary who gave me a long list of hoops to jump through. I then also discussed the proposals with the local planning officer.
After a lot of pre-planning and consultation with various parties, an initial Certificate d’Urbanisme was submitted with much more than the usual detail required, to ensure that the planners realised how the proposed house would look in its surroundings, and that various other parties would have no objections.
Approval of the Certificate d’Urbanisme led swiftly to the required Permis de Construire, and a “non-opposition” of the plans to follow.
See The Plan: maison individuelle

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